Report on
Workshop cum Training on “Haemodialysis, Environmental Hygiene, Safety, Financial and Operational Management of ISK Kidney Centers (ISKKC)”
Friday, 4th October, 2013

Imdad-Sitara Khan Foundation (ISKF) is a non-profit charitable organization registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860. Founded by Old Rajshahi Cadet Association, USA Chapter (ORCA-USA) and with financial help from Dr. Emdadul Haque Khan, a generous expatriate Bangladeshi living in the USA, ISKF initiated its journey in 2006. By now ISKF operates six dialysis centers in different districts covering five divisions of Bangladesh. In its seven-year of journey and to guarantee service excellence, the Executive Committee of ISKF believed inevitability to gather the operating heads, doctors, managers and dialysis staff (nurses) of all its centers together on a workshop-cum-training program to disseminate and share the experience of high-profiled Nephrologists and other resource persons. The program was first of its kind.
  • To disseminate the experience, know-how and practice of Nephrologists to staff dealing with life-saving treatment. 
  • To maintain service excellence of haemodialysis.
  • To revive and circulate knowledge and skills of dialysis technicians.
  • To provide knowledge on constant quality improvement and safety issues.
  • To maintain entries and records of patients and dialysis ingredient.
  • To revive administrative and financial management procedures and policies.
  • To solve the day to day IT problems.
  • To improve the brotherhood and interaction of the different centers of ISKF family.
Expected Outcome:
  • Help raise responsibility in creating service of excellence.
  • Help improve skill and knowledge for smooth & systematic management of ISKK Centers.
  • Help create expertise to eradicate adverse effects on patient management.
  • Help maintain maximum hygienic atmosphere in all centers.
  • Help uphold administrative and financial discipline.
  • ISKKC Doctors, Managers, Nurses/Technicians.
  • Directors and Operation-in-charges of ISKKC
  • ISKF Executive Committee members
  • Doctors from different hospitals.
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Proceedings of Workshop:
A daylong workshop cum training program on “Haemodialysis, Environmental Hygiene, Safety, Financial and Operational Management of ISK Kidney Centers (ISKKC)” was held at ISKF office at 19/7, Babar Road, Block # B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 on Friday, October 04, 2013.
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Inaugural Session:
At the outset of the workshop Mr. Md. Sharifur Rahman, Director Operations, welcomed the participants and expressed his profound gratitude for taking trouble to come all the way to attend the workshop.
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Air Cdre (Rtd.) M. GolamTawhid, the Vice-Chairman of ISKF, in his inaugural speech highlighted the birth of ISKF and ISKKC aiming to serve the humanity.  He under scored
 that ISKKC is a shining example of an ‘improbable dream turned reality’ through synergistic combination of good intention, great perseverance, and committed team work. A team of Bangladeshi dreamers of Old Rajshahi Cadets’ Association, USA Chapter (ORCA-USA) sold the idea to late Dr. Imdad Khan and his wife Mrs. Sitara Khan to establish a kidney dialysis center for the downtrodden renal failure patients in rural area of Bangladesh.
Under the patronage of Khan Family Foundation, a trust named Imdad-Sitara Khan Foundation (ISKF) was established in Bangladesh to carry out philanthropic activities. SKF is a nonprofit organization formed in Bangladesh with an Advisory Council headed by Mrs. Sitara khan and the Executive Committee headed by Dr. Abu Hena M. Kamal.
In less than 7 years ISKKC has established itself as a premier dialysis provider and by far the largest In Bangladesh. ISKKC is currently operating six dialysis centers in different districts of Bangladesh. Without these facilities hundreds of unfortunate destitute patients would not have access to live-saving treatments.
Mr. Tawhid hoped that ISKKC’s success will serve as a model to inspire others to create opportunities to serve humanities.
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Floor was given to Dr.Mahmudur Rahman, an Executive Committee Member of ISKF. He emotionally recollected the initial days, when a few foot workers put their valuable time and support to make this “dream project come true”.  
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Inaugural session concluded with thanks giving by Director Operation.
Technical Session:
Session 1:
Dr. A.B.M. Rafiuddin, Nephrologist of United Hospital, a guest resource person presented his topic on “HD Machine-Technical Aspects and Complications”.
Session 2:
Dr. M.A.Latif, Nephrologist of Square Hospital presented power point materials on “Maintenance of vascular access” and “Nutrition of HD patients”.
Session 3:
Dr. Kazi Shahnoor Alam, Nephrologist of National Institute of Kidney Diseases and Urology (NIKDU) and an associate of ISKKC presented his valuable papers on “Long-term complication of HD patients” and  “Infection control protocol of HD patients and Staffs”.
Tea Break:
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Afternoon Session:

The afternoon session started after Jumma prayer and lunch
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Session 4:
Dr. Kazi Shanoor Alam in the afternoon session discussed on the following subjects by power point presentation
  • Environmental Hygiene & Safety
  • Patient Care (Medical History & Record Form)
  • Patient Education
  • Each presentation was followed by questions from the participants that were answered by the resource persons.  
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    Session 5:
    Mr. Sufi. H. Z. Rahman, Treasurer of ISKF and Director Finance discussed on Financial Management in this session. He demonstrated power point presentations and narrated the related aspects on; 
  • Preparation of Monthly/yearly Financial Report
  • Preparation of Yearly Budget
  • Revenue and Donation Collection Target
  • Service Policy of ISKF & ISKKC
  • Session 6:
    Administrative Management Md. Sharifur Rahman, EC Member of ISKF and Director Operation made vivid presentation and described the following aspects;
  • Daily consultation with on-site administration
  • Employee evaluation and corrective action forms, staffing ratio,
  • Annual salary review, surveys and recommendation for change,
  • Compilation of statistical information
  • Data on Weekly dialysis XL sheet,
  • Patient Information XL sheet, Resolution of employee disputes,
  • Resolution of landlord/tenant issue
  • Publicity of ISKF
  • Assure patient satisfaction (Service of excellence)
  • Collect patient clinical outcome data on monthly basis,
  • Maintain purchase stock and use register of dialysate, fluid, medicine etc.,
  • Maintain machinery/equipment purchase and maintenance register,
  • Maintain Log register on R.O machine, generator, monthly electricity consumption,
  • Maintain Asset register/ Asset audit
  • Emergency decision
  • Review patient education
  • Review safety issue, hygiene issue
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    Session 7:
    In this session Mr. Mrinal Halder instructed all participants about their basics MS word, Excels sheet, PowerPoint presentation, website administration, group mail, IT problems.
    Session 8
    Quiz for the participants. A questionnaire consists of five questions on health care and safety was supplied the participants to compete in the quiz. The participants were very enthusiastic to answer the questions. Three prizes were given to the winners.
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    Remarks from the Operation-in-Charge (OIC):
    Mr. Jahangir Alam Shah, OIC, Rajshahi center and Mr. Alaur Rahman Chowdhury, OIC Moulvibazar center were given floor to share their experience on the workshop. Both OICs thanked the ISKF authority to hold such a scientific and useful workshop and suggested to hold such workshop in different centers in future.
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    Workshop Recommendations:
    1. To arrange update session at least once a year.
    2. To arrange basic and advance computer training program for each center.
    3. To provide educational materials for patients in each center.
    Closing and Thanks Giving:
    Air Cdre M. Golam Tawhid, Vice-Chairman of ISKF in his concluding speech thanked the participants and assured them that such kind of seminars and workshops will go on in future to make the ISKKC associates more competent in their service.
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    Inauguration Ceremony @ Rangpur
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